TALLER DE ORGANERÍA ACITORES S.L. welcome you to our Website, where you can see our installations, meet our team, have a look at our works and, especially, understand our philosophy.

'Music give a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flights to the imagination, consolation to the sadness and life and happiness to everything.' (Plato)

In our new creation's pipe organs, the 'Taller de Organería Acitores, S.L.' combine the musical resources of the european big organs with the typical timbres of the Castilian School, reaching for instruments with a very personal sounorous shades: brilliant timbres without shrillness; depth and sweetness; broad musical colour, harmonicly combined on a symphonic base. Each pipe organ has an exclusive design, adapted to the Architectural style of each Temple or Auditorium.

Our team add the most modern resources and technical innovations to the most traditional methods of windchests, pipes and keyboards construction, so that we are one of the few organbuilders that can produce the whole elements of an organ, including the manufacturing and voicing of their own metal or wooden pipes.


The experience and resources that we have allows us to get back each element of an ancient organ's mechanism. When the original instrument is lost or it's not possible its recovery, we try to reproduce it faithfully using the same constructive techniques and materials with which it was conceived, so that we get back the musical features of the organ according to the school or period that it belongs to.


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Fabricación y medidas propias
Artículo publicado por Aida Acitores en el Canal Patrimonio de la Fundación Santa María la Real.
Heinrich Walther in Acitores organs of Covadonga and Avilés